Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Culture War

This update focuses on the culture war. Another anniversary of Roe v. Wade has passed, and pro-abortion fanatics are ever more intent on restricting freedom. America's holidays are also under attack.

Don Devine: Merry Newspeak Freedom
Phyllis Schlafly: We Must Educate Leaders To Be Conservatives
Warren Mass: Faith Triumphs Over Persecution
John Eidsmoe: The War on Christmas
James Fulford: The War Against Thanksgiving
Ron Paul: Restricting Freedoms and Choices

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. Trouble continues in Israel, Somalia, India, and elsewhere.

Robert Spencer: Calling for Genocide In Your Neighborhood
Michael Economides: Russian Energy Imperialism
Ilana Mercer: Paleos Must Defend the West…And That Means Israel Too
Robert Maginnis: Stay Out of Somalia
Robert Maginnis: How Close Are We To War With Iran?
Thomas Sowell: The Meaning of Mumbai
Felix Moreno: Victim Disarmament at Sea
Gustavo Coronel: Hugo Chavez’s Bleak Political Future
William Hoar: North Korean Blackmail Beats the U.S. Blacklist
Pat Buchanan: China's Path to World Power
Don Devine: Congratulations General Odierno?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Economy

This update focuses on the economy. America's economic troubles continue as government bailouts only make the situation worse.

Kurt Williamson: Socialism's Success
Michael Telzrow: Socialism's Broken Promises
William Jasper: Bailout Mania!
Charles Scaliger: Bernanke's Money Maneuvers
Gary North: When Trust Runs Out
Alex Newman: Auto Bailout: Lemon or Lemonade?
Ron Paul: Government and Fraud
Walter Williams: Counterfeiting versus Monetary Policy
Ron Paul: Economic Freedom or Socialist Intervention?
Charles Scaliger: Bretton Woods
Gary North: Oldsmobile Nation
Pat Buchanan: In Earmarks Lies Salvation?
Will Grigg: Sovietizing the Economy: The Final Phase
Charles Scaliger: Free-market Thinkers

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Sunday, January 04, 2009


This update focuses on government. Government is threatening freedom in the areas of civil liberties, health care, gun rights, and more.

Will Grigg: En Route to Military Rule
William Hoar: Bad Economics & Medicine
William Jasper: Asthma Sufferers Victimized by UN Ozone Madness
Phyllis Schlafly: Obama's Plan to Rejoin the World Community
William Jasper: Rooting for World Government
Phyllis Schlafly: Con Con Is a Terrible Idea
Gun Owners of America: End Of The Year Report
Phyllis Schlafly: "The Doctor Will See All of You Now"
Ron Paul: Gun Control: Protecting Terrorists and Despots
Robert Higgs: Let's Check Marx and Engels's List
Edwin Viera: Bedrock of the Constitution
Edward Rubenstien: The High Cost of Diversity—Due To Go Up Under Obama
William Hoar: Mental-health Parity's Poison Pill
William Jasper: Bush Pushes Foreign Aid, Despite Economic Woes
Laurence Vance: The Flat Tax Is Not Flat
Edwin Viera: Hazards for Habeas Corpus

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