Sunday, June 25, 2006

Economics and Government

This update focuses on economics and government. Economics can help us to anticipate the consequences of our actions. Government consistently creates perverse incentives that make problems worse.

Michael Rozeff explains how government and labor unions work together to rob you.
Tim Carney shows that, instead of promoting free markets, many businesses fund liberalism.
Walter Williams explains how government makes natural disasters worse.
Williams explains that bogus notions about rights have fueled the government's growth.
Mac Johnson argues that government uses "free trade" to take away American sovereignty.
Phyllis Schlafly explains how welfare creates perverse incentives that destroy families.
Williams shows that the federal deficit leads to inflation.
Williams writes that minimum wage laws discriminate against blacks.
Warren Mass explains that the Federal Reserve causes inflation, which increases gas prices.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


We may have reached a turning point in the battle for our nation's survival. The disguised proposals for amnesty and worse are being exposed for what they are.

The Senate passed a disastrous bill.Senator Jeff Sessions explains what makes the bill so bad. Senator Jim DeMint counts down the top ten reasons to oppose the Senate bill. Ann Coulter explains that the bill gives amnesty, discriminates against Americans, and squanders our tax dollars. Phyllis Schlafly explains that a guest worker program would cost America dearly.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Pence has proposed a "compromise" immigration plan. This plan still amounts to amnesty. Mark Krikorian explains in detail the many flaws of the plan. Pat Buchanan explains how this plan threatens the GOP and America.

There's more that you should know.
Phyllis Schlafly explains the motives for amnesty.
Schlafly provides more common sense about immigration.
Finally, Mac Johnson says how conservatives should treat supporters of amnesty.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

SPPuttering stupidity

This update focuses on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). All of the articles in this update are written by Jerome Corsi, Ph. D. Corsi is best known as the co-author of Unfit for Command, the book by promoted by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The articles appeared in Human Events and WorldNetDaily.

Corsi explains the connection between the SPP and a North American Union, and shows how this relates to the issue of immigration.
He explains the involvement of Robert Pastor, including a proposal to replace the dollar with the "Amero."
The SPP is already being implemented, without the consent of Congress or the public.
It is coming about through bureaucratic regulations.
A number of business deals are connected to the SPP.
The Trans-Texas Corridor plays a major role in the SPP.

Other articles on the SPP have been written by Phyllis Schlafly, William Jasper, and Steven Yates.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Liberals and the War on Terrorism

This update focuses on liberals and the war against Islamic terrorism. Liberals claim to support fighting terrorists, but their actions say otherwise.

Mark Steyn writes that liberals are using the Haditha incident to attack America.
John Leo writes that liberal opposition to fighting terrorists follows from a long history of anti-Americanism.
Pat Buchanan writes that a Pulitzer prize was awarded for treasonous leaks from A CIA agent.
Aryeh Spero writes that the ideology of transnationalism leads to liberal treason.
Aryeh Spero explains how liberals undermine the war.