Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gun Rights

This update focuses on gun rights. Gun control increases crime and empowers government. Most Americans support gun rights, but liberals may try to impose more gun control.

John Snyder chronicles Michael Bloomberg's attack on gun rights.
Gun Owners of America summarizes the fight for gun rights in 2006.
Lawrence Keane shows that America didn't vote for gun control.
Steve Chapman explains how concealed carry saves lives.
Ron Paul explains the state of the debate about gun control.
Dave Kopel shows that gun control does not keep schools safe.

Daily gun news is available at NRA-ILA and Keep and Bear Arms.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. Communists continue to oppress millions of people. Radical Islam is fighting to impose its will. The United Nations dreams of world government. The West is declining. Yet victory is possible when America acts.

William Jasper exposes continuing KGB control of Russia.
Larry Kelley reports a victory against terrorists in Somalia.
Humberto Fontova chronicles the crimes of Fidel Castro.
Ed Timperlake asks whether China has allied with radical Islam.
Dennis Behreandt shows the United Nations is America's enemy.
Pat Buchanan explains the failure of neoconservative policies.
Jerome Corsi explains Iran's involvement in the Iraq war.
Joseph D'Agostino explains that Canada is dying out.
Walter Williams examines the economic decline of Europe.
William Rusher chronicles the spread of nuclear weapons.
Janice Crouse shows that the United Nations promotes abortion.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This update focuses on environmentalism. Environmentalism is an anti-human philosophy that seeks the end of civilization and genocide against humanity. It has already killed millions through a ban on DDT. Environmentalists promote the myth of human caused global warming to impose socialism and poverty on America.

Joseph D'Agostino shows that banning DDT has killed millions.
Deroy Murdock explains that environmentalists want millions to die.
George Reisman explains that environmentalism is anti-human.
Jerome Corsi explains the truth about global warming.
Dan Gainor reports the media's changing stories on climate change.
Robert Novak shows that Democrats want to make America poorer.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


This update focuses on Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin is transforming Russia into a dictatorship. Former KGB/FSB officials have taken the most powerful positions in Russian government and business. They have centralized and consolidated power, silenced independent media, jailed political opponents, praised the former Soviet Union, and tried to rig foreign elections. Putin has aided America's enemies, including helping Iran's nuclear program.

Joel Rosenberg chronicles the growing evil in Russia.
Charles Krauthammer examines the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.
Herbert Romerstien examines the history of KGB assassinations.
Yuri Maltsev writes that Putin is promoting tyranny in Russia.
Floyd Brown reveals that Ted Kennedy collaborated with the KGB.
Phyllis Schlafly remembers the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Best Articles of 2006

At long last it's time for the best articles of 2006. I read roughly 10,000 articles this year. More than 300 articles appeared in this year's 52 POLITICAL UPDATES. Immigration was the most frequent topic, inspiring seven updates. The North American Union/SPP was second with five. What follows are my choices, in chronological order, for the ten most important news or opinion pieces of 2006.

Top Ten:
Searching for a New Direction by Congressman Ron Paul explains that government spending and regulation are out of control. The government is drowning in debt, and is likely to inflate the currency, thus robbing our money of its value, and wrecking our economy.
The New Shakers by Mac Johnson explains that the lack of children in America will lead to the decline of our country. We may be overwhelmed by third-world immigrants.
"Free Trade" Impacts Sovereignty by John McManus shows that Alger Hiss was a founder of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. So-called "free trade" agreements threaten American sovereignty.
United States of North America by Steven Yates shows that the North American Union would merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one country that would be less secure and less prosperous.
The Bush-Kennedy Immigration Tsunami by William Jasper reveals that the Senate immigrants bill could have allowed as many as 200 million legal immigrants into America over the next twenty years.
North American Union to Replace USA? by Jerome Corsi is the first in a series of articles exposing the North American Union. Corsi explains who is pushing this plan.
Pawns in a Losing Game by William Jasper exposes the communist organizations behind the illegal immigrant rallies that shocked America in May. Their agenda is to destroy America.
The Missing Children Problem by Donald Devine shows that Western Civilization is dying out due to cultural decline and the welfare state.
Coming Through! The NAFTA Super Highway by Kelly Taylor explains that the massive Trans-Texas Corridor is part of a gigantic nationwide network of highways to cement the NAU.
Environmentalism's Death Toll for 'Nature' by Joseph D'Agostino shows that the environmentalist movement seeks the destruction of civilization and promotes massive genocide against humanity.

Honorable Mentions:
The United Nations seeks to control the internet.
Illegal immigrants rallied against America.
Senator Jeff Sessions shreds the Senate immigration bill.
Liberalism and Islam are killing the Netherlands.
Many environmentalists seek to exterminate humanity.
English is not spoken in many parts of America.
The creation of the NAU resembles that of the European Union.
A summary of news about the NAU.
Environmentalism by its nature seeks the destruction of humanity.

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