Saturday, January 28, 2006


The battle between freedom and government-controlled indoctrination continues.
The Detroit News exposes waste in Michigan's government colleges.
Pat Buchanan destroys the myths behind government schools.
Thomas Sowell shows how education standards have declined.
George Will reports on Utah's battle against No Child Left Behind.
Finally, Gary North questions the value of college.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

News from abroad

Many troubling developments overseas deserve more attention than they have gotten.
The New American reports on the gradual return of communism to Russia and Vladimir Putin's use of oil for political purposes.
The American Conservative addresses American policy toward communist China.
Will Grigg comments on the increasingly dictatorial European Union.
Michelle Malkin discusses the prospects for war with Iran.
Jim Burns examines the claim that Fidel Castro killed JFK.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A love/hate relationship

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the Republican Party and Conservatism. Both ideological conflicts and scandals have raised issues about the relationship between the two. There have been conflicts between the grassroots and the party establishment over immigration and spending. Meanwhile, the Jack Abramoff scandal has raised issues of corruption and the stagnation of conservatism in Washington.
Bruce Bartlett describes what's wrong with the Bush administration.
Donald Devine asks whether the GOP faces a meltdown.
Tony Blankley applauds the rejection of Harriet Miers.
Larry Kudlow lauds Rep. Mike Pence, who has battled wasteful spending.
Finally, Rep. Ron Paul argues that the Abramoff scandal follows from government having too much power.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Civil Rights and Racial Issues

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on civil rights and race. Battle has intensified over the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI). A state appeals court has ordered the MCRI onto the ballot.
Ward Connerly reports on the opponents of the MCRI. Paul Jacob discusses the activities of BAMN and the Board of Canvassers.
Thomas Sowell comments on the death of Rosa Parks. Walter Williams reviews the state of black America.
Finally, Ann Coulter shreds the nonsense of Kwanzaa.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Best columns of 2005

This special POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the best of 2005. These are the most crucial and most under-reported stories of the year gone by. This update is absolutely a must-read. I swear I'm not being paid by Phyllis Schlafly! This is just what was sent to me.

1. The Plan to Integrate the US, Mexico, and Canada by Phyllis Schlafly focuses on the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which is based on a plan by the Council Foreign Relations. Its goal is to end American sovereignty and independence.
2. Abolishing the USA by William Jasper is another take on the topic of the SPP.
3. Defeat the UN Law of the Sea Treaty! by Phyllis Schlafly focuses on the threat posed by the Law of the Sea Treaty. LOST would essentially give the United Nations control of the world's oceans.
4. CAFTA is a Bad Deal for the United States by Phyllis Schlafly explains what is wrong with the Central American Free Trade Agreement. CAFTA is not a traditional trade agreement but is a disguised attack on our sovereignty.
5. An Open Letter to Conservatives by Dan Flynn argues that conservatives have failed to hold President Bush and the Republican party accountable. This resulted in numerous unconservative policies, including the Harriet Miers nomination.
6. Does Hawaii Want to Succeed from the Union? by Phyllis Schlafly exposes the plan to create a separate race-based government for "native Hawaiians" that would be able to secede from the union.

Civil Liberties

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on civil liberties. Recent controversies over NSA spying and the PATRIOT ACT have highlighted the conflict between limiting government power and defending our country.
Walter Williams explains why we need to defend the Posse Comitatus Act.
Thomas Sowell discusses torture.
Ron Paul opposes the PATRIOT ACT.
Michelle Malkin argues that liberals are hypocrites on civil liberties.
Ann Coulter discusses the New York Times' spying.
Finally, Thomas DiLorenzo discusses civil liberties during the Lincoln administration.

Pay yer taxes

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on taxes and spending. Christmas may be the season on giving, but the government just keeps taking and taking. Both the tax code and the programs government spends money on are outrages.
Ron Paul criticizes the recent tax reform commission and then attacks foreign aid.
Paul Jacob praises Senator Tom Coburn's fight against unnecessary spending.
Gary North writes that taxation is theft.
Bruce Bartlett rips Bush's prescription drug plan.
Terry Jeffrey dismantles Bush's education bill.
Finally, Jonah Goldberg writes that big government is unconstitutional.

Christmas and communism

Hardworking WMU College republicans just keep sending these things in! This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on communism and the war on Christmas.
Don Feder explains what this war is.
Investors Business Daily connects the war on Christmas to communism.
Paul Weyrich explains why we must fight cultural Marxism.
Allan Ryskind debunks a recent movie attacking Joe McCarthy.
Ann Coulter refutes the movie and describes the effects of communist subversion.
Finally, Humberto Fontova details Castro's plot to bomb department stores--43 years ago.

The design debate

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on science and evolution.
Fred Reed critiques evolution.
Russell Humphreys provides evidence for a young earth.
Henry Morris writes that naturalism is irrational and that evolutionists are willfully ignorant.
Tom Bethell advocates intelligent design and criticizes government funding of science.
Finally, Andree Seu discusses intelligent design in everyday life.

Crossing the line

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration. The House of Representatives is set to discuss immigration reform legislation soon. Meanwhile, in a special election in California, a third-party conservative candidate won an unheard-of 25% running on an immigration enforcement platform.
Investor's Business Daily reports on the race.
Paul Weyrich argues that conservatives must hold the GOP accountable on immigration.
Pat Buchanan dissects Bush's position.
CNS news reports that illegals could get social security under the Bush plan.
Terry Jeffrey shreds the "guest-worker program."
Phyllis Schlafly writes that American citizenship is precious.
House conservatives, led by Tom Tancredo, lay out their immigration agenda.
Finally, Joseph A. D'Agostino and James R. Edwards, Jr. add their voices to the discussion.

The environment and oil

The House of Representatives recently refused to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Also, there have been many accusations of "price-gouging" because of the fluctuation in gas prices.
Anybody who believes that liberals only want to help people should read this piece by Eric Englund, who exposes the environmentalists as extremists who want you dead.
Paul Jacob exposes how liberals' ban on DDT costs lives.
The New American exposes the fallacy of global warming.
Thomas Sowell exposes the fallacy of "price-gouging."
Finally, Mark Skousen shatters the "windfall profits" myth.

Money ... or the lack thereof

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on money and debt. President Bush recently nominated Ben Bernanke to replace Alan Greenspan as the head of the Federal Reserve.
The New American explains why the Federal Reserve should be abolished.
Walter Williams explains how the Fed robs our money of its value by inflating the money supply. He also explains how huge our nation's debt really is.
Doug Bandow explains how out-of-control government spending creates pressure to print more money.
Finally, Gary North explains why we need a gold standard.

United Nations

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the United Nations, as the UN continues its schemes to achieve ever more power.
The New American reports on the UN's efforts to gain control of the Internet.
Brent Bozell writes about UNESCO's treaty to restrict freedom of speech.
Thomas Eddlem exposes plans for a UN army, and then examines the Bush administration's increases in foreign aid.
Finally, Ron Paul summarizes what's wrong with the UN.

Immigration and Homeland security

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration and national security. The recent riots in France are living evidence of how immigration policy gone horribly wrong threatens national security. The same could happen here, if we let it.
The New American provides an overview of the story.
Robert Spencer explains Islam's connection with the riots.
Pat Buchanan explains the division.
Mac Johnson explains how to integrate immigrants.
Phyllis Schlafly comments on birthright citizenship and the Bush Administration's bad record on immigration enforcement.
Thomas Sowell and Mac Johnson (1, 2) provide further commentary.

Alito and Miers

I have a good friend with WMU College Republicans who reads way more than I do. Sometimes I think he reads more than is good for him. He occassionally finds himself confused about how to distribute his aquired genius to the general public. Good friend that I am, I have volunteered the use of my blog. POLITICAL UPDATES will now be a regular feature.
I, the Steve, have spoken.

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the judiciary. President Bush recently nominated Sam Alito to the Supreme Court following the withdrawal of Harriet Miers.

Phyllis Schlafly summarizes what was wrong with Miers.
Ann Coulter comments on her withdrawal.
Human Events discusses Alito.
Robert Novak discusses the Democrats' dilemma.
Finally, Phyllis Schlafly discusses the state of the conservative movement.

Monday, January 02, 2006

About this blog ...

This blog was created as a neat and easy way of establishing an archive of the "Political Updates" that are produced by the Western Michigan University College Republicans. These updates also posted on the WMU Republicans blog.