Sunday, August 31, 2008


This update focuses on money. IndyMac Bank and several smaller banks have experienced bank runs. The housing market is down following the collapse of the housing bubble. The Federal Reserve continues to inflate the dollar, which is the cause of these problems.

Jeff Tucker: Why Taxes Don't Matter Much Anymore
Gary North: You, Me, and the FDIC
Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: Is the Fed a Source of Our Economic Problems?
Ron Paul: Faith-Based Currency
Will Grigg: The Economic Show Trials Begin
Will Grigg: Women And Children Last
Ron Paul: Economic Bubbles
Ron Paul: Rising Energy Prices and the Falling Dollar

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


This update focuses on immigration. The trouble with immigration continues the Mexican military crossing the border, housing subsidies for illegals, and preventable crimes. A new book, The New Case Against Immigration by Mark Krikorian, has recently been released.

Duncan Hunter: Why do we Tolerate Mexican Troop Incursions?
Marcus Epstien: On Krikorian's New Case Against Immigration: What Was Wrong With The Old Case?, by Marcus Epstein
Phyllis Schlafly: Who Will Protect Us Against Invasion?
Donald Collins: It's The Culture, Stupid!!!, by Donald A. Collins
Dana Rohrabacher: What Happened To Justice In America?
Paul Nachman: A Patriotic Immigration Reformer’s Thoughts On The New Case Against Immigration
Michael Reagan: Bush Should Strip Sanctuary Cities of Federal Funds
Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Rejects English Language Assimilation
Gary Bauer: Will Obama’s 'Hateful Rhetoric' Draw Hispanic Voters?
James Edwards: House Appropriations Hurts Immigration Enforcement
Steve Sailer: The Housing Recession: Political Correctness Makes Lenders Stupid
Marcus Epstien: Rep. Cannon's Defeat in Utah Marks Victory for Immigration Control
Phyllis Schlafly: American Innovation Supremacy at Risk

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


This update focuses on government. Government intervention caused the housing crisis. Government continues to cause trouble through redistribution, farm welfare, traffic laws, and proposals for "national service".

Steve Sailer: Freddie Mac’s Richard Syron—Architect Of The “Diversity Recession”
Thomas Sowell: Bankrupt "Exploiters": Part II
Don Devine: Faddish Planning Fantasies
Thomas Woods: You Belong to Us
Will Grigg: Servile Nation
Walter Williams: A Nation of Thieves
Terry Jeffrey: How Big Can Government Get?
John Stossel: Tear Down the Stop Signs!
Doug French: Votes of Idiots
Phil Brand: Will Senate OK Akaka's Hawaii Race Test?
Jacob Hornberger: The Enemy-Combatant Attack on Freedom
Ron Paul: Sowing More Big Government with the Farm Bill

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Culture War

This update focuses on the culture war. Liberals, government, and judicial activists threaten traditional American culture. Battles continue over patriotism, platforms, religion, free speech, and more.

Phyllis Schlafly: Do Party Platforms Really Matter?
Jack Langer: The Sensitivity Police: Where's American Multiculturalism Heading?
Walter Williams: The Ultimate Resource
Thomas Sowell: Does Patriotism Matter?
Ericka Andersen: The Racism and Politics of Planned Parenthood
Don Devine: Judges Ignore Real Constitution
Gary North: What Would Jesus Steal?
Phyllis Schlafly: Why Hillary Clinton Lost
Pat Buchanan: Return of the Censors
Thomas Sowell: Mascot Politics

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