Sunday, August 17, 2008


This update focuses on government. Government intervention caused the housing crisis. Government continues to cause trouble through redistribution, farm welfare, traffic laws, and proposals for "national service".

Steve Sailer: Freddie Mac’s Richard Syron—Architect Of The “Diversity Recession”
Thomas Sowell: Bankrupt "Exploiters": Part II
Don Devine: Faddish Planning Fantasies
Thomas Woods: You Belong to Us
Will Grigg: Servile Nation
Walter Williams: A Nation of Thieves
Terry Jeffrey: How Big Can Government Get?
John Stossel: Tear Down the Stop Signs!
Doug French: Votes of Idiots
Phil Brand: Will Senate OK Akaka's Hawaii Race Test?
Jacob Hornberger: The Enemy-Combatant Attack on Freedom
Ron Paul: Sowing More Big Government with the Farm Bill

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