Sunday, July 27, 2008


This update focuses on the family. Government courts and feminist ideologues threaten the family. The "gay rights" movement threaten religious freedom and military readiness. A California Supreme Court ruling has threatened marriage nationwide. California will vote in November whether to protect marriage.

Gregory Hession: Restraining Orders Out of Control
Elaine Donnelly: PM Polemic for Gays in the Military
Phyllis Schlafly: Should Parents or the 'Village' Raise Children?
Gregory Hession: Whose Children Are They, Anyway?
WorldNetDaily: Government to pastor: Renounce your faith!
Ross Kamisky: Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter Signs Transgender Bill

Don Devine: Why Not Multiple Wives?
Gary Bauer: The Aftershocks of Gay Marriage
Maggie Gallagher: Prop. 22 Can Save Traditional Marriage in California
Don Devine: Legal Lawlessness

For more on the family, see Focus on the Family.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This update focuses on energy. The President and democrats in Congress are fighting over offshore drilling. The government continues to block domestic energy production. The global warming myth is collapsing.

Mitch McConnell: Time for a Serious, Balanced Approach to the Price of Gas
Robert Novak: Oil Paranoia
Ann Coulter: This is Not a Drill
Terry Easton: Oil at $300
Chris Horner: Chicken Little and the North Pole Icecap
Walter Williams: Scapegoating Speculators
Steven Yates: Gas Prices: Why So High?
Christopher Adamo: Czech Gore Challenge
Mac Johnson: Obama’s Alternative (Energy) Reality
Ann Coulter: You Can't Fuel All of the People All of the Time
Chris Horner: Climate of Fear: Seize the Offensive on 'Global Warming'
Walter Williams: Futures Markets

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

United Nations

This update focuses on the United Nations. The UN continues to promote world government.

Arthur Robinson: The Science of the UN
Oliver North: UN-Believable
Thomas Kilgannon: Renovating the Great Hall of American Hatred
Thomas Kilgannon: The Nanny State Goes Global
Thomas Kilgannon: Globalist Governator

More information:
Get US Out of the UN
Eagle Forum: United Nations

Sunday, July 06, 2008

North American Union

This update focuses on North American Union. As Americans celebrate Independence Day, many elites are working to merge independent nations. Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty to further merge Europe into the European Union. A part of the NAFTA superhighway system has been canceled. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) has been renamed.

Susan Easton: The Mouse That Roared
Dennis Behreandt: Transatlantic Two-Step
Brenda Walker: U.K’s Gordon Brown: Preaching One Worldism In U.S., Fighting Patriots At Home
Phyllis Schlafly: The Many Sides of Globalism
Ron Paul: A Major Victory for Texas
WorldNetDaily: Texas Corridor detour: Officials nix land grab
Jerome Corsi: 'North American Parliament' under way
James Edwards: Patent Bill Should Die
Jerome Corsi: Bush opens SPP summit
Jerome Corsi: Makeover urged for 'North American Union' effort

North American Union: Eagle Forum Stop the NAU Stop SPP
Trans-Texas Corridor: Corridor Watch