Sunday, December 31, 2006


This update focuses on economics. Government regulations imperil freedom and prosperity, but freedom leads to prosperity.

Walter Williams explains that the military draft misallocates resources.
William Anderson shows that the New Deal was an economic disaster.
Phyllis Schlafly explains some of the problems with globalization.
Thomas DiLorenzo explains that "sweatshops" help the poor.
Walter Williams explains the basic principles of economics.
Walter Williams argues that free trade leads to prosperity.
David Hogberg shows that business selfishly supports regulation.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


This update focuses on education. Government education is costly and harmful. The liberal "diversity" movement damages education while promoting racial preferences. The United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is influencing American education.

Phyllis Schlafly writes that education shapes American culture.
Bob Unruh writes that Germany is persecuting homeschoolers.
Thomas Sowell writes that "diversity" doesn't improve education.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that government forces Ritalin on children.
Jonah Goldberg writes that "diversity" damages minority students.
Walter Williams shows that "diversity" means liberal racism.
Michael Chapman examines what UNESCO is teaching children.
Berit Kjos writes that UNESCO is damaging American education.
Dan Lips writes that a K-12 education costs $100,000 per student.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


This update focuses on government. In this season of giving, government continues to take our money and freedom. Government regulations lead to many unnecessary deaths.

Lew Rockwell explains how government mismanages health care.
Walter Block explains how government regulations can kill you.
Stefan Molyneux shows that government actions are enforced by violence.
Walter Williams writes that the Founding Fathers distrusted government.
Ron Paul explains that a draft would be immoral and unwise.
James Ostrowski explains that the minimum wage hurts the poor.
Ron Paul explains that entitlement programs are heading for disaster.
James Berlau explains that the "fairness doctrine" attacks free speech.
Ron Paul says that taxes take away our freedom and hurt the economy.
Ron Paul explains that spending cuts should precede tax changes.
Gary Wolfram explains why most issues cannot be decided democratically.
Ron Paul explains how government robs the Social Security system.
Phyllis Schlafly shows how government violates the Constitution.
Phyllis Schlafly explains how "domestic violence" laws damage families.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Health Care

This update focuses on health care. Illegal immigration is bankrupting many American hospitals. Liberals continue to push for socialist medicine. Government regulations are causing most of America's existing health care problems. A law passed by Senator Ted Kennedy created the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) that are often criticized today.

R. Cort Kirkwood shows that illegal immigration is bankrupting hospitals.
John Stossel says we should not get health care from employers.
Ron Paul explains that government regulations created HMOs.
Greg Franke debunks liberal myths about access to health care.
Ron Paul writes that government regulations damage our health care.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

North American Union

This update focuses on North American Union. This plan continues to be advanced by the governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A resolution has been proposed by Congressmen Virgil Goode, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, and Walter Jones to condemn the NAU. Texas Governor Rick Perry was reelected with 39% of the vote in a four-way race.

Phyllis Schlafly summarizes news about North American integration.
Jerome Corsi explains that the Trans-Texas Corridor is a major issue.
Corsi responds to Rick Perry's claims about the Trans-Texas Corridor.
Ron Paul explains how a continental highway system threatens America.
WorldNetDaily reports on the congressional resolution against the NAU.
WND reports that secret documents about the NAU have been released.
WND reports on the contents of documents about the NAU.
WND reports that students are being trained to support the NAU.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


This update focuses on immigration. The recent elections sent a mixed message, with voters electing and defeating both good and bad, while restricting immigration via ballot initiative. Congress recently passed a law creating a border fence. The illegal invasion continues as Congress contemplates both border security and amnesty.

Mark Krikorian says Senator Mel Martinez misunderstands the election.
Pat Buchanan shows the election was not an endorsement of amnesty.
Michelle Malkin provides a realistic view of the border fence act.
Phyllis Schlafly asks whether a border fence will actually be built.
Ian De Silva shows liberals flooded America with third world immigrants.
Jerome Corsi writes that open borders undermine national security.
Ron Paul says birthright citizenship hurts America and should be ended.
Ron Paul says amnesty expands the welfare state, costing us billions.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Money and Debt

This update focuses on money and debt. Government spending continues to expand. With the national debt growing out of sight, the government prints more money to alleviate it. This inflation of the money supply reduces the value of our money and makes us all poorer.

Will Grigg compares real money to government-printed paper money.
Lew Rockwell argues that monetary policy takes away our freedom.
Will Grigg explains how ballooning debt is affecting America.
Jim Rutz writes that the real national debt is 65 trillion dollars.
Ron Paul explains that inflation is a hidden tax on America.
Ron Paul explains how the Federal Reserve makes us poorer.
WorldNetDaily writes that the Federal Reserve is a fraud that rips us off.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Election 2006

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the 2006 election. Republicans lost badly at all levels. Voters rejected the corruption scandals, idealistic intervention in Iraq, profligate spending, and open borders. Voters rejected the Republican party, not conservatism.

Robert Novak summarizes the losses and explains the reasons for them.
Marc Rotterman says that conservatives should reject neoconservatism.
Ivy Sellers shows that voters rejected big government spending.
John Hawkins explains the factors that led to the Republican loss.
Pat Buchanan explains why voters rejected Republicans.

The election will impact several specific issues.
David Kopel explains the impact of the election on gun rights.
Gun Owners of America also analyzes the election results.
Mark Krikorian analyzes the impact of the election on immigration.
Stanley Kurtz says that marriage won on election day.

I analyze the results for the gubernatorial race, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, Michigan races, and local races.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


This update focuses on Islam. Tensions continue between America and the Muslim world. Islam continues to gain territory and converts. Terrorists cite Islam to justify their crimes. The debate continues whether Islam justifies terrorism and conquest.

Serge Trifkovic analyzes how the example of Mohammad guides Islam.
Robert Spencer writes that Islam demands death for apostasy.
Michelle Malkin asks how many Muslims support Jihad and suicide bombing.
William Jasper analyzes the threat from Iran and warns against appeasement.
John Gizzi writes that terrorists could control an independent Kosovo.
Pat Buchanan reviews Islam's long history of war against the West.
Don Feder gives ten reasons why Islam is not a religion of peace.
Terry Jeffrey writes that democracy can't stop Islamic terrorism.
The Brussels Journal shows that Islam is conquering Europe.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


This update focuses on population. The Unites States recently surpassed 300 million people, according to official estimates. Conservatives celebrate American prosperity and abundance. Liberals display anti-human bias with their belief that population is a problem and that too many people exist.

Jonah Goldberg reviews the history of liberal support for eugenics.
Terry Jeffrey writes that liberals see humanity as a cancer on Earth.
Joseph D'Agostino says that population is good, illegal immigration is bad.
Joseph D'Agostino proves that the United States is not overpopulated.
Mac Johnson blames liberal culture for America's low birthrate.
Joseph D'Agostino shows that the United Nations promotes genocide in the third world.
Joseph D'Agostino shows that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are promoting genocide against humanity.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

National Security

This update focuses on national security. North Korea recently tested a nuclear weapon. America continues to be threatened by Islamic terrorists. Liberals persist in trying to weaken our security. We need to realistically understand the threats that we face.

Richard Mgerdechian writes that liberals are undermining our security.
Frank Gaffney writes that Ronald Reagan was right about missile defense.
Mac Johnson shows that Citgo is run by Hugo Chavez, an anti-American dictator.
Ann Coulter argues that liberals want to appease our enemies.
Walter Williams asks if we have the will to win the war on terrorism.
Thomas Sowell warns the threat of nuclear terrorism is growing larger.
Ann Coulter says we should use racial profiling to stop Islamic terrorists.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that North Korea shows that we need a missile-defense system.
Ann Coulter says liberals won't secure America because they don't like America.
Ann Coulter shows how the New York Times undermines national security.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


This update focuses on government. Government takes about half of everything that we earn. It spends money in ways that make us all worse off. It takes away our freedom through regulations and programs. Government is based on force and it is always looking for new ways to expand its power.

Lew Rockwell shows how government regulations damage America.
Thomas DiLorenzo argues that the Homeland Security Department threatens freedom.
Terry Jeffrey shows that government bureaucrats waste our money.
Thomas DiLorenzo lists many ways that government threatens our freedom.
Congressman Ron Paul explains how the IRS threatens free speech.
Walter Williams explains how government tyranny hurts Africa.
Congressman Ron Paul explains why the estate tax must be repealed.
Ron Paul explains how foreign aid hurts both Americans and foreigners.
Herman Cain explains how Social Security defrauds America.
James Plummer writes that government want to surveil us on our own property.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


This update focuses on judges. Judicial activists continue to impose their will on America. This does great damage to our country. The power of judges must be restrained, and honest judges must be confirmed to the bench.

George Detweiler says a constitutional convention isn't the answer to judicial activism.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that lower court judges threaten our freedom.
Thomas Sowell writes that judges threaten our national security.
Schlafly writes that the Roberts court has been seduced by trying to create "consensus".
Schlafly writes that judges have ordered tax increases in Texas.
Schlafly lists many ways judges damage sovereignty, marriage, border security, and more.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


This update focuses on environmentalism. Environmentalists continue to promote socialism and battle against human prosperity and well-being. Their policies sometimes damage the environment as well. They promote a number of myths to advance their cause.

Deroy Murdock shows that many environmentalists support genocide against humanity.
Lew Rockwell explains how a government ban of DDT led to millions of deaths.
Thomas Sowell explains one way environmentalism hurts the poor.
Alan Caraba exposes the myth of global warming and how it hurts America.
WorldNetDaily destroys the myth that oil is a "fossil fuel" that we are running out of.
Lew Rockwell debunks environmentalism and explains why he opposes the environment.

"It's as if the socialists discovered that their plan created poverty, and so decided to change their names to environmentalists and make poverty their goal."
--Lew Rockwell

Sunday, September 24, 2006

North American Union

This update focuses on North American Union (NAU). Some elites are planning to integrate the US, Canada and Mexico through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and a continental highway system. This plan threatens our national sovereignty.

Dennis Behreandt examines the resemblance of the SPP to the European Union.
Phyllis Schlafly summarizes the history of the North American Union.
Jerome Corsi debunks government myths about the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
WorldNetDaily provides more information on the status of the NAU.
Congressman Ron Paul condemns the SPP as a threat to American sovereignty.
Corsi explains how the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is connected.
Pat Buchanan reveals that NAFTA super-highways are being planned across America.
Corsi argues that Interstate-69 is another NAFTA super-highway.
Alan Caruba argues that the SPP is unconstitutional.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


This update focuses on immigration. Competing bills are stalemated in Congress for now, but America continues to suffer damage from illegal immigration. A new book by Pat Buchanan, State of Emergency, has garnered some attention.

Phyllis Schlafly explains the reasons for immigration betrayals.
Thomas Sowell destroys fraudulent arguments for immigration.
Senator Jeff Sessions explains what's wrong with the Pence-Hutchinson immigration plan.
Kris Kobach explains that the DREAM act would give in-state tuition to illegal aliens.
Tony Blankley and Phyllis Schlafly review Pat Buchanan's State of Emergency.
Pat Buchanan remembers Enoch Powell and Jean Raspail's warnings about immigration.
Buchanan warns that immigration will lead to the dissolution of America.
Mac Johnson argues that today's flood of immigration is unprecedented.
Lynn Woolley reveals that the Senate bill would cost America $126 million in ten years.
Congressman Ron Paul explains how to solve the immigration problem.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


This update focuses on education. A new school year is underway. Government control and liberalism continue to damage education. Meanwhile, teachers' unions are striking in the Detroit Public Schools and Eastern Michigan University.

Phyllis Schlafly shows how courts and the NEA are imposing liberalism on education.
Schlafly explains that government schools stifle debate about evolution.
Walter Williams exposes liberalism and miseducation on college campuses.
Bob Williams explains how unions take their members' money and give it to liberals.
Dan Lips explains how technology is improving education.
Andrew Young and Walter Block argue that education should be privatized.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


This update focuses on communism. Whatever the fate of Fidel Castro, communists remain in control of Cuba. Meanwhile, Red China continues to plot against freedom.

Humberto Fontova shows how liberals have defended Castro.
Bruce Bartlett tells how the New York Times helped put Castro in power.
Jerome Corsi exposes China's use of slave labor.
Ed Timperlake argues that China is responsible for North Korea's nuclear weapons.
Timperlake exposes Chinese espionage in America.
Ron Paul explains how our taxes subsidize China.
Pratik Chougule explains how the Venona project proved communist subversion.
Walter Williams examines communism in American academia.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


This update focuses on English. Our national language serves to unite us, but it is being undermined by massive immigration and government policies.

Human Events demonstrates that English is becoming a foreign language in America.
Michael Reagan argues that English will not survive.
Phyllis Schlafly shows that the federal government mandates foreign language ballots.
Lynn Woolley argues that English should be our official language.
Schlafly points out that teaching English is essential in America.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Marriage and Homosexuality

This update focuses on marriage and homosexuality. The battle to preserve traditional culture and Western Civilization continues. Marriage is the fundamental institution upholding our society. Homosexuality seeks to redefine and undermine marriage.

Vedran Vuk writes that the family promotes charity and freedom.
Mike Adams argues that homosexuality is immoral.
Pat Buchanan writes that homosexuality leads to discrimination against Christians.
Thomas Sowell writes that there is no such thing as "gay marriage".
Terry Jeffrey writes that limiting court jurisdiction can protest marriage.
Ken Connor argues that politicians use marriage to stay in office.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Liberals and the War on Terrorism

This update focuses on liberals and the war on terrorism. Several recent stories indicate that we cannot trust them with our security.

Ann Coulter examines the New York Times' revelation of secret anti-terrorism programs.
Coulter writes that liberals ignore threats to American security.
Phyllis Schlafly attacks the Supreme Court decision concerning enemy combatants.
Thomas Sowell analyzes the accomplishments of 'peace' movements.
Robert Spencer writes that terrorists staged a massacre for propaganda.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


This update focuses on democracy. Democracy is lauded at home and is believed by some to be the solution to foreign threats abroad. However, it can empower to tyranny and terrorism in some cases. It should be seen as a means to the end of limited government, rather than a mandate for the violation of rights or a cure for radical ideologies.

Walter Williams points out that the Founding Fathers created a republic, not a democracy.
Rep. Henry Hyde argues that democracy can lead to revolution, which is destructive.
Pat Buchanan shows that democracy does not guarantee religious freedom.
Phyllis Schlafly defends the electoral college and exposes a plot to undermine it.
Jonah Goldberg argues that having more voters isn't necessarily better.
John McManus explains the difference between a republic and democracy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


This update focuses on feminism. This radical ideology has largely been rejected by the American people, but it continues to be promoted through schools and government.

Phyllis Schlafly exposes feminists' war against men.
Schlafly discusses how feminists use title nine to advance their agenda.
Schlafly explains what's wrong with the violence against women act.
Schlafly shows how government attacks fatherhood.
Ivy Sellers destroys the nonsense of a "wage gap".

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Security and Prosperity Partnership

This update focuses on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This story continues outside the watch of the liberal media.

Joseph Farah writes that opposition to the SPP is mounting.
Chuck Baldwin lists the conservatives who oppose the SPP.
Jerome Corsi and John Hawkins debate whether the SPP is really a threat.
The Pittsburgh Tribune Review asks what is happening to American sovereignty.
Jerome Corsi examines the North American Competitiveness Council.
Christopher Bentley explains the process of regional integration.
Chris Kelly reports what Vicente Fox says about goals of the SPP.

Earlier news concerning the SPP here and here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


This update focuses on demographics. It is sometimes said that demography determines destiny. Cliche though it may be, children are our future. The future of a nation will depend on how many children they have, and who has the children.

In Western Civilization, birth rates are below the rate of replacement. Meanwhile, third world populations continue to expand rapidly. This constitutes what conservative author Pat Buchanan calls The Death of the West. If these trends are not reversed, our civilization will die out and be replaced by others.

Don Feder writes that this cultural problem will destroy Europe.
Mac Johnson writes that birth control and abortion contribute much to this problem.
Donald Devine explains that this is a cultural problem unlikely to be solved by government subsidies.
Joseph D'Agostino writes that socialism both contributes to and will be destroyed by demographic problems.
Joel Belz argues that demographics show that conservatives will take over America.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. Many new developments across the world deserve more attention.

Roger Canfield exposes Communist China's terror campaign on our own shores.
John Tkacik asks whether China is complicit in North Korean counterfeiting.
Jed Babbin explains that China wants a war with the United States.
Pat Buchanan shows that communism is silently conquering South America.
Allan Ashinoff asks whether we will face up to the threat from Iran.
Pat Buchanan shows how the collapse of Christianity will destroy Europe.
William Jasper asks whether the Italian election was stolen by communists.
Bruce Bartlett explains how the New York Times helped Castro to power in Cuba.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Economics and Government

This update focuses on economics and government. Economics can help us to anticipate the consequences of our actions. Government consistently creates perverse incentives that make problems worse.

Michael Rozeff explains how government and labor unions work together to rob you.
Tim Carney shows that, instead of promoting free markets, many businesses fund liberalism.
Walter Williams explains how government makes natural disasters worse.
Williams explains that bogus notions about rights have fueled the government's growth.
Mac Johnson argues that government uses "free trade" to take away American sovereignty.
Phyllis Schlafly explains how welfare creates perverse incentives that destroy families.
Williams shows that the federal deficit leads to inflation.
Williams writes that minimum wage laws discriminate against blacks.
Warren Mass explains that the Federal Reserve causes inflation, which increases gas prices.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


We may have reached a turning point in the battle for our nation's survival. The disguised proposals for amnesty and worse are being exposed for what they are.

The Senate passed a disastrous bill.Senator Jeff Sessions explains what makes the bill so bad. Senator Jim DeMint counts down the top ten reasons to oppose the Senate bill. Ann Coulter explains that the bill gives amnesty, discriminates against Americans, and squanders our tax dollars. Phyllis Schlafly explains that a guest worker program would cost America dearly.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Pence has proposed a "compromise" immigration plan. This plan still amounts to amnesty. Mark Krikorian explains in detail the many flaws of the plan. Pat Buchanan explains how this plan threatens the GOP and America.

There's more that you should know.
Phyllis Schlafly explains the motives for amnesty.
Schlafly provides more common sense about immigration.
Finally, Mac Johnson says how conservatives should treat supporters of amnesty.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

SPPuttering stupidity

This update focuses on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). All of the articles in this update are written by Jerome Corsi, Ph. D. Corsi is best known as the co-author of Unfit for Command, the book by promoted by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The articles appeared in Human Events and WorldNetDaily.

Corsi explains the connection between the SPP and a North American Union, and shows how this relates to the issue of immigration.
He explains the involvement of Robert Pastor, including a proposal to replace the dollar with the "Amero."
The SPP is already being implemented, without the consent of Congress or the public.
It is coming about through bureaucratic regulations.
A number of business deals are connected to the SPP.
The Trans-Texas Corridor plays a major role in the SPP.

Other articles on the SPP have been written by Phyllis Schlafly, William Jasper, and Steven Yates.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Liberals and the War on Terrorism

This update focuses on liberals and the war against Islamic terrorism. Liberals claim to support fighting terrorists, but their actions say otherwise.

Mark Steyn writes that liberals are using the Haditha incident to attack America.
John Leo writes that liberal opposition to fighting terrorists follows from a long history of anti-Americanism.
Pat Buchanan writes that a Pulitzer prize was awarded for treasonous leaks from A CIA agent.
Aryeh Spero writes that the ideology of transnationalism leads to liberal treason.
Aryeh Spero explains how liberals undermine the war.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Failing for lack of freedom

This update concerns education. Schools continue wasting money and producing propaganda, but freedom can deliver real education.

Thomas Sowell writes that liberals are using government schools propagandize children.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that college campuses are run by radical liberals and reviews books that Americans should read.
Lars Larson writes that many schools spend more than $10,000 per student per year.
Joel Belz writes that government schools continue to fail.
Ann Coulter writes that college professors are causing tuition to increase.
Brad Edmonds argues that home-schooling is best.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


The moment of truth is nearly upon us. Will our elected leaders choose to secure America from the illegal immigrant invasion or will they abolish our national sovereignty, and with it our security, freedom, and way of life?

Recently, the President made a prime-time speech on behalf of his amnesty plan. Warren Mass dissects the speech. Mac Johnson writes that the government refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Ann Coulter dissects many myths about immigration in the speech.

What is being proposed is literally the end of America. A bill in the Senate would allow up to 200 million immigrants to come to this country legally, says William Jasper. Robert Rector estimates that more than 100 million people could immigrate to the US. (A recent amendment has slightly changed these calculations.)

Amnesty would be devastating to our country. Kurt Williamson writes that amnesty would cost us billions and make us vulnerable to terrorism.

Illegal aliens have flooded the streets in opposition to securing our borders and protecting our interests. These protests were hardly spontaneous. They were planned and organized by a variety of communist groups, primarily the Workers World Party through its front group International ANSWER, writes William Jasper. The choice of the communist holiday of Mayday was no accident. These groups have the goal of undermining and destroying America.

Many illegals believe in Reconquista, the idea that the American Southwest belongs to Mexico and should be taken back. Michelle Malkin finds proof in the Mayday rallies.

The American people are demanding that our borders be protected, writes John Leo. However, elites in America, Canada, and Mexico continue to push for merging the three nations into one North American Union, under the aegis of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Jerome Corsi provides the details.

Please read the articles that this post links to. The future of our country is at stake.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Muslim masses embaress Europe

Islam continues to be in the news, and Europe continues to suffer the effects of bad immigration policies.

Pat Buchanan writes that socialism is collapsing in Europe.
John Leo writes that free speech is threatened in both Europe and the Muslim world.
Robert Spencer summarizes the case of a Muslim who was almost killed for becoming a Christian.
R. Kirk Cortwood explains how Islam threatens Europe.
Ann Coulter comments on the cartoon Jihad.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oily economics

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on energy. Gas prices are on the rise, thanks to bad government policies and international troubles.
Ann Coulter writes that Democrats have consistently tried to increase gas prices.
Mac Johnson debunks Bill O'Reilly's conspiracy theory of gas prices.
Mac Johnson then explains that liberals oppose energy production.
Herman Cain explains disruptions of our oil supply.
Thomas Sowell corrects the economic fallacies concerning energy.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unmitigated Migration

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration. Illegal aliens are planning to show their love for America by sabotaging our economy on the communist holiday of Mayday. The battle to defend America continues.
R. Cort Kirkwood writes that America is being taken over by illegals.
William Jasper writes that American elites continue to promote amnesty.
Thomas Eddlem destroys myths about illegal immigration.
Ann Coulter writes that illegals are making demands of America.
William Jasper exposes the communists behind the illegal immigrant protest.
Rep. Charlie Norwood exposes the racism of La Raza and MECHA.
Phyllis Schlafly explains that illegals take American jobs.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sovereign state

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on national sovereignty. America's independence is under attack from forces both at home and abroad.
Steven Yates exposes the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which would merge the U. S., Canada and Mexico under a single government.
John Leo explains the ideology of transnationalism, which leads many American elites to oppose defending our borders.
Burt Purlesky explains why we should kick the UN out of America.
John McManus exposes the anti-Americanism of UNESCO.
Rep. Ron Paul shows that the United Nations wants to impose taxes on America.
Frank Gaffney provides more information on the drive for international taxes.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bankrupt bureaucracy

As the tax deadline looms, government continues to debase our money and take away our freedom.
Ron Paul writes that government engages in counterfeiting to hide debt.
Ron Paul then writes that government debt is a scandal.
Rep. Paul further writes that the federal budget is a disaster.
Walter Williams explains that lobbying scandals are caused by government power.
Thomas Sowell writes that entitlement programs are bankrupting America.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Eyes wide open

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on national security. While the debate over immigration continues, there are many other threats that we must be aware of.
Richard Miniter explains the threat posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, which can wipe out all electronics.
Marvin Olasky reminds us of the threat of nuclear terrorism.
William Jasper exposes the fact that communist China will screen for nukes at our ports.
James Plummer explains the threat to our sovereignty posed by the Cybercrime treaty.
Gawain Towler describes the problems with the European Galileo system.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Illegal entry

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration. The battle to protect our nation from disintegration continues. Mobs have flooded the streets demanding the downfall of America.
Phyllis Schlafly reports on the war in Texas.
Mac Johnson writes that illegals are just "mobbing the streets that Americans won't mob."
Terry Jeffrey reports that John McCain and Hillary support illegal immigration.
Michelle Malkin describes the anti-Americanism of illegal alien protestors.
Mark Krikorian debunks the fallacy of guest-worker programs.
Thomas Sowell shreds the notion of "jobs that Americans won't do."
Jeff Emanuel writes that the Georgia legislature is fighting illegal immigration.
Check out previous POLITICAL UPDATES on immigration from February, December, and November.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pardon, but your skeleton is showing

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on liberal heroes. The left is quick to attack America and anyone who has contributed to our advancement. But liberals have their own heroes, who have more than a few skeletons in their closets.

LaShawn Barber condemns Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who promoted eugenics against black people.
Allan Ryskind explores Martin Luther King Jr.'s ties to communists.
Humberto Fontova explores the strange heroes of black history month.
Robert Spencer explains how the case of Ramsey Clark reveals that liberals condone treason.
Chuck Devore reports that liberal Upton Sinclair lied about the Sacco and Vanzetti case.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Supply and Demand

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on economics. A good understanding of economics in necessary to refute the government's schemes.
Ron Paul writes that rising gold prices mean that government counterfeiting causes inflation.
Bruce Bartlett writes that rich people pay most taxes.
Walter Williams slays the myth of price controls.
Anthony Dick writes that socialism doesn't work in Canadian health care.
Walter Williams writes that government promotes cartels.
Sally Pipes shows that price controls on prescription drugs would cost lives.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Culturing Conflict: "Western" culture shouldn't mean leftist

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the culture war. The left's attempt to destroy conservatism, Christianity, and western civilization continues. This takes place not through rational persuasion, but through the subconscious influence of culture.

William Lind exposes the cultural Marxism that drives the culture war.
Donald Devine reviews the state of Christianity in the world today.
Will Grigg explains how the culture war is leading to the death of the west and conquest by Islam.
Mac Johnson shows how the culture war has led to birth rates below replacement level.
Finally, Eagle Forum reviews the continuing battle in Congress.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Port of contention

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the proposed sale of management of American ports to a UAE company. The Bush administration approved this deal despite obvious security concerns. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a record of both ties to terrorists and human rights violations that make it unfit to manage our ports.

This deal has been widely criticized by both conservatives and liberals. It is hardly surprising that the few "conservative" defenders of this deal quickly resorted to race-baiting. The 70% of Americans who oppose this deal all hate Arabs, just like all the critics of Harriet Miers were elitists who hate women. The free-trade extremists and post-Americans who support this deal have shown themselves unworthy of our trust.

R. Cort Kirkwood explains why this deal is so bad for America.
Terry Jeffrey examines the record of the UAE.
Robert Spencer examines Bush's skewed view of Islam.
Michelle Malkin destroys the "conservative" defenders of the deal.
Finally, Malkin examines the consistency of liberals on this issue.

Friday, February 24, 2006

United Confusions

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the United Nations. The UN continues to battle against America's national sovereignty.
Mark Steyn explains why we should get out of the UN.
Richard Lessner documents the UN's continuing efforts to control the internet.
Will Grigg reports that Bill Clinton could soon run the UN.
Phyllis Schlafly exposes UNESCO's efforts to influence American education.
Finally, John McManus writes that "free trade" agreements like the World Trade Organization and the proposed FTAA are used by the UN to impose world government.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Judging the court

Samuel Alito has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, but the battle against judicial supremacists continues.
Ann Coulter remarks that conservatives can be confirmed.
Coulter then explains that abortion is turning people against the Democrats.
Phyllis Schlafly reports on judges' efforts to destroy parents' rights to control their children's education.
Schlafly then writes about a judge's attack on intelligent design.
The New American explains that we must limit court jurisdiction.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crossing the Line

Tom Tancredo exposes Mexican invasions of America.
Juan Mann argues that immigration betrayals are part of a larger war on American sovereignty.
Phyllis Schlafly discusses the economic effects of immigration.
Mark Kirkorian reports progress nationwide.
Pat Buchanan argues that immigration presents a demographic disaster to the GOP.
Mac Johnson skewers the open borders Wall Street Journal.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The religion of peace strikes again

This week's update focuses on Islam and the Middle East. Muslims are rioting and burning embassies over criticism in cartoons in a Danish newspaper. Meanwhile, the electoral victory of Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS raises serious questions about the neoconservative crusade for democracy.
Robert Spencer reports on the Islamic campaign of terror against free speech.
Cal Thomas reports on the HAMAS victory.
Terry Jeffrey explains how Woodrow Wilson influences today's neoconservatives.
Pat Buchanan explains how neoconservative policies affect Egypt.
Thomas Sowell warns of danger in Iran.
Ann Coulter reviews the situation in Iraq.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


The battle between freedom and government-controlled indoctrination continues.
The Detroit News exposes waste in Michigan's government colleges.
Pat Buchanan destroys the myths behind government schools.
Thomas Sowell shows how education standards have declined.
George Will reports on Utah's battle against No Child Left Behind.
Finally, Gary North questions the value of college.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

News from abroad

Many troubling developments overseas deserve more attention than they have gotten.
The New American reports on the gradual return of communism to Russia and Vladimir Putin's use of oil for political purposes.
The American Conservative addresses American policy toward communist China.
Will Grigg comments on the increasingly dictatorial European Union.
Michelle Malkin discusses the prospects for war with Iran.
Jim Burns examines the claim that Fidel Castro killed JFK.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A love/hate relationship

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the Republican Party and Conservatism. Both ideological conflicts and scandals have raised issues about the relationship between the two. There have been conflicts between the grassroots and the party establishment over immigration and spending. Meanwhile, the Jack Abramoff scandal has raised issues of corruption and the stagnation of conservatism in Washington.
Bruce Bartlett describes what's wrong with the Bush administration.
Donald Devine asks whether the GOP faces a meltdown.
Tony Blankley applauds the rejection of Harriet Miers.
Larry Kudlow lauds Rep. Mike Pence, who has battled wasteful spending.
Finally, Rep. Ron Paul argues that the Abramoff scandal follows from government having too much power.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Civil Rights and Racial Issues

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on civil rights and race. Battle has intensified over the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI). A state appeals court has ordered the MCRI onto the ballot.
Ward Connerly reports on the opponents of the MCRI. Paul Jacob discusses the activities of BAMN and the Board of Canvassers.
Thomas Sowell comments on the death of Rosa Parks. Walter Williams reviews the state of black America.
Finally, Ann Coulter shreds the nonsense of Kwanzaa.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Best columns of 2005

This special POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the best of 2005. These are the most crucial and most under-reported stories of the year gone by. This update is absolutely a must-read. I swear I'm not being paid by Phyllis Schlafly! This is just what was sent to me.

1. The Plan to Integrate the US, Mexico, and Canada by Phyllis Schlafly focuses on the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which is based on a plan by the Council Foreign Relations. Its goal is to end American sovereignty and independence.
2. Abolishing the USA by William Jasper is another take on the topic of the SPP.
3. Defeat the UN Law of the Sea Treaty! by Phyllis Schlafly focuses on the threat posed by the Law of the Sea Treaty. LOST would essentially give the United Nations control of the world's oceans.
4. CAFTA is a Bad Deal for the United States by Phyllis Schlafly explains what is wrong with the Central American Free Trade Agreement. CAFTA is not a traditional trade agreement but is a disguised attack on our sovereignty.
5. An Open Letter to Conservatives by Dan Flynn argues that conservatives have failed to hold President Bush and the Republican party accountable. This resulted in numerous unconservative policies, including the Harriet Miers nomination.
6. Does Hawaii Want to Succeed from the Union? by Phyllis Schlafly exposes the plan to create a separate race-based government for "native Hawaiians" that would be able to secede from the union.

Civil Liberties

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on civil liberties. Recent controversies over NSA spying and the PATRIOT ACT have highlighted the conflict between limiting government power and defending our country.
Walter Williams explains why we need to defend the Posse Comitatus Act.
Thomas Sowell discusses torture.
Ron Paul opposes the PATRIOT ACT.
Michelle Malkin argues that liberals are hypocrites on civil liberties.
Ann Coulter discusses the New York Times' spying.
Finally, Thomas DiLorenzo discusses civil liberties during the Lincoln administration.

Pay yer taxes

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on taxes and spending. Christmas may be the season on giving, but the government just keeps taking and taking. Both the tax code and the programs government spends money on are outrages.
Ron Paul criticizes the recent tax reform commission and then attacks foreign aid.
Paul Jacob praises Senator Tom Coburn's fight against unnecessary spending.
Gary North writes that taxation is theft.
Bruce Bartlett rips Bush's prescription drug plan.
Terry Jeffrey dismantles Bush's education bill.
Finally, Jonah Goldberg writes that big government is unconstitutional.

Christmas and communism

Hardworking WMU College republicans just keep sending these things in! This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on communism and the war on Christmas.
Don Feder explains what this war is.
Investors Business Daily connects the war on Christmas to communism.
Paul Weyrich explains why we must fight cultural Marxism.
Allan Ryskind debunks a recent movie attacking Joe McCarthy.
Ann Coulter refutes the movie and describes the effects of communist subversion.
Finally, Humberto Fontova details Castro's plot to bomb department stores--43 years ago.

The design debate

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on science and evolution.
Fred Reed critiques evolution.
Russell Humphreys provides evidence for a young earth.
Henry Morris writes that naturalism is irrational and that evolutionists are willfully ignorant.
Tom Bethell advocates intelligent design and criticizes government funding of science.
Finally, Andree Seu discusses intelligent design in everyday life.

Crossing the line

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration. The House of Representatives is set to discuss immigration reform legislation soon. Meanwhile, in a special election in California, a third-party conservative candidate won an unheard-of 25% running on an immigration enforcement platform.
Investor's Business Daily reports on the race.
Paul Weyrich argues that conservatives must hold the GOP accountable on immigration.
Pat Buchanan dissects Bush's position.
CNS news reports that illegals could get social security under the Bush plan.
Terry Jeffrey shreds the "guest-worker program."
Phyllis Schlafly writes that American citizenship is precious.
House conservatives, led by Tom Tancredo, lay out their immigration agenda.
Finally, Joseph A. D'Agostino and James R. Edwards, Jr. add their voices to the discussion.

The environment and oil

The House of Representatives recently refused to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Also, there have been many accusations of "price-gouging" because of the fluctuation in gas prices.
Anybody who believes that liberals only want to help people should read this piece by Eric Englund, who exposes the environmentalists as extremists who want you dead.
Paul Jacob exposes how liberals' ban on DDT costs lives.
The New American exposes the fallacy of global warming.
Thomas Sowell exposes the fallacy of "price-gouging."
Finally, Mark Skousen shatters the "windfall profits" myth.

Money ... or the lack thereof

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on money and debt. President Bush recently nominated Ben Bernanke to replace Alan Greenspan as the head of the Federal Reserve.
The New American explains why the Federal Reserve should be abolished.
Walter Williams explains how the Fed robs our money of its value by inflating the money supply. He also explains how huge our nation's debt really is.
Doug Bandow explains how out-of-control government spending creates pressure to print more money.
Finally, Gary North explains why we need a gold standard.

United Nations

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the United Nations, as the UN continues its schemes to achieve ever more power.
The New American reports on the UN's efforts to gain control of the Internet.
Brent Bozell writes about UNESCO's treaty to restrict freedom of speech.
Thomas Eddlem exposes plans for a UN army, and then examines the Bush administration's increases in foreign aid.
Finally, Ron Paul summarizes what's wrong with the UN.

Immigration and Homeland security

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on immigration and national security. The recent riots in France are living evidence of how immigration policy gone horribly wrong threatens national security. The same could happen here, if we let it.
The New American provides an overview of the story.
Robert Spencer explains Islam's connection with the riots.
Pat Buchanan explains the division.
Mac Johnson explains how to integrate immigrants.
Phyllis Schlafly comments on birthright citizenship and the Bush Administration's bad record on immigration enforcement.
Thomas Sowell and Mac Johnson (1, 2) provide further commentary.

Alito and Miers

I have a good friend with WMU College Republicans who reads way more than I do. Sometimes I think he reads more than is good for him. He occassionally finds himself confused about how to distribute his aquired genius to the general public. Good friend that I am, I have volunteered the use of my blog. POLITICAL UPDATES will now be a regular feature.
I, the Steve, have spoken.

This week's POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the judiciary. President Bush recently nominated Sam Alito to the Supreme Court following the withdrawal of Harriet Miers.

Phyllis Schlafly summarizes what was wrong with Miers.
Ann Coulter comments on her withdrawal.
Human Events discusses Alito.
Robert Novak discusses the Democrats' dilemma.
Finally, Phyllis Schlafly discusses the state of the conservative movement.

Monday, January 02, 2006

About this blog ...

This blog was created as a neat and easy way of establishing an archive of the "Political Updates" that are produced by the Western Michigan University College Republicans. These updates also posted on the WMU Republicans blog.