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Global Warming

This update focuses on global warming. The global warming myth is collapsing, and more and more scientists are coming out against it. But the global warming fearmongers are continuing to push their big government agenda.

Ed Hiserodt: Whatever Happened to Global Warming?
Chris Horner: Media Muzzles Climate Change Debate
Ed Hiserodt: Carbon Dioxide a "Pollutant"?
William Jasper: Big Chills for Global-warming Alarmism
Chris Horner: It's Cold Outside, But Global Warming Industry Still Hard At Work
William Jasper: Heat or Cold: Which Is More Deadly?
Chris Horner: No Rush to New Kyoto?
William Jasper: Scientists Challenge Global Warming “Crisis”
Ed Hiserodt: Making Renewable Energy Practical

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Sunday, February 01, 2009


This update focuses on education. Bill Ayers and comrades are using schools to promote socialism. Heterodox views are punished harshly on campus, as illustrated by a recent controversy involving Walter Block.

Phyllis Schlafly: 'Social Justice': Code Word for Anti-Americanism
Education Reporter: 'Social Justice' Education is Already Shaping America's Future
Bill Costello: Where the Education Gender Gap is Leading America
Bill Andersen: Leftist Faculty, Duke, and Campus Realities
Thomas DiLorenzo: Thought Policing 101
Karen Effrem: Evidence of Academic or Emotional Harm of Preschool Education or All-Day Kindergarten
Phyllis Schlafly: Some Change Is a Big Improvement

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