Sunday, September 30, 2007


This update focuses on environmentalism. Environmentalists continue to promote hysteria with the global warming scam. Government environmental regulations cost both money and lives.

Walter Williams: Global Warming Hysteria
Christopher Horner: Cooking Up Global Warming
Ed Hiserodt: Blown Away
Michael Economides: Propaganda as Journalism
Walter Williams: Deadly environmentalists
Myron Ebell: Kyoto Anniversary: What it Means Today
William Jasper: Nurturing Nature
Dennis Behreandt: Rethinking Green
George Reisman: Global Warming Is Not a Threat But the Environmentalist Response to It Is

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


This update focuses on education. Government control and liberal indoctrination damage education. More freedom is the answer.

Phyllis Schlafly: NEA Lists Its Goals and Democrats Agree
Renny Hartmann: Free Public Education?
Deroy Murdock: 'Indoctrinate U' Diagnoses Academia's P.C. Epidemic
Joseph Farah: Teen USA Quiz: The Real Answer
Phyllis Schlafly: The Latest Fad In Public Schools
Michael Rozeff: Cut the Alma Mater Cord
William Borst: American Education: Beyond Frankfurt and Dewey
Terry Jeffrey: A Teaching Moment From the District of Columbia
Steven Greenhut: Liberate the Public Schools

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


This update focuses on immigration. Illegal immigration continues to cause problems in America. Enforcing the law works when tried, but the government is reluctant to do so.

WorldNetDaily: Mandatory deportation has illegals on the run
Ann Coulter: 1 Down, 11,999,999 to Go
John Stone: Operation Jump Start: Failure by Design
Martha Zoller: Illegal Immigration, Crime And Campaign ‘08
Pat Buchanan: Robert Putnam: Diversity Is Our Destruction
Kris Kobach: A Judicial Setback for the Rule of Law
Thomas Woods: Founding Fathers Were Immigration Skeptics
Michelle Malkin: Deport them Now
Phyllis Schlafly: Trade Demands a Level Playing Field
Douglas MacKinnon: Illegal Aliens Declare War on the United States

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


This update focuses on government. Government spending continues to bleed the taxpayers. Regulations take away freedom. Government performs many tasks poorly.

Ron Paul: Aging Infrastructure
Don Devine: Caesar or God: Who Is Dead?
Ron Paul: High Risk Spending
Mac Johnson: The NSA Can’t Invade Our Privacy -- It’s Under IRS Occupation Already
Thomas Sowell: A Bridge Too Far Gone
Ron Paul: As Recess Begins, Spending Spree Continues
Terry Jeffrey: D.C.'s Assault on the Second Amendment
Lynn Woolley: The Un-Fairness Doctrine
JD Foster: Medicare: $3.8 Trillion Worse
Ron Paul: Earmark Victory May Be A Hollow One
Tim Carney: Administration Poised to Subsidize China’s Nuclear Industry
Walter Williams: FDA: Friend or Foe?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Law of the Sea Treaty

This update focuses on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). LOST would give the United Nations significant control over the oceans. It would have the ability to tax and to restrict naval activity. LOST is expected to appear before the Senate soon.

Cliff Kincaid: Wall Street Journal Lies About Sea Treaty
Frank Gaffney: Russian L.O.S.T. and found
Doug Bandow: An Administration LOST at Sea
Phyllis Schlafly: Deep-Six The Law Of The Sea
WorldNetDaily: Bush to pressure Senate to revive U.N. sea treaty

Jerome Corsi: Now Africa heads toward continental government
Pat Buchanan: The New World Order GOP

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