Sunday, July 20, 2008


This update focuses on energy. The President and democrats in Congress are fighting over offshore drilling. The government continues to block domestic energy production. The global warming myth is collapsing.

Mitch McConnell: Time for a Serious, Balanced Approach to the Price of Gas
Robert Novak: Oil Paranoia
Ann Coulter: This is Not a Drill
Terry Easton: Oil at $300
Chris Horner: Chicken Little and the North Pole Icecap
Walter Williams: Scapegoating Speculators
Steven Yates: Gas Prices: Why So High?
Christopher Adamo: Czech Gore Challenge
Mac Johnson: Obama’s Alternative (Energy) Reality
Ann Coulter: You Can't Fuel All of the People All of the Time
Chris Horner: Climate of Fear: Seize the Offensive on 'Global Warming'
Walter Williams: Futures Markets

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