Sunday, January 21, 2007

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. Communists continue to oppress millions of people. Radical Islam is fighting to impose its will. The United Nations dreams of world government. The West is declining. Yet victory is possible when America acts.

William Jasper exposes continuing KGB control of Russia.
Larry Kelley reports a victory against terrorists in Somalia.
Humberto Fontova chronicles the crimes of Fidel Castro.
Ed Timperlake asks whether China has allied with radical Islam.
Dennis Behreandt shows the United Nations is America's enemy.
Pat Buchanan explains the failure of neoconservative policies.
Jerome Corsi explains Iran's involvement in the Iraq war.
Joseph D'Agostino explains that Canada is dying out.
Walter Williams examines the economic decline of Europe.
William Rusher chronicles the spread of nuclear weapons.
Janice Crouse shows that the United Nations promotes abortion.