Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pardon, but your skeleton is showing

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on liberal heroes. The left is quick to attack America and anyone who has contributed to our advancement. But liberals have their own heroes, who have more than a few skeletons in their closets.

LaShawn Barber condemns Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who promoted eugenics against black people.
Allan Ryskind explores Martin Luther King Jr.'s ties to communists.
Humberto Fontova explores the strange heroes of black history month.
Robert Spencer explains how the case of Ramsey Clark reveals that liberals condone treason.
Chuck Devore reports that liberal Upton Sinclair lied about the Sacco and Vanzetti case.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Supply and Demand

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on economics. A good understanding of economics in necessary to refute the government's schemes.
Ron Paul writes that rising gold prices mean that government counterfeiting causes inflation.
Bruce Bartlett writes that rich people pay most taxes.
Walter Williams slays the myth of price controls.
Anthony Dick writes that socialism doesn't work in Canadian health care.
Walter Williams writes that government promotes cartels.
Sally Pipes shows that price controls on prescription drugs would cost lives.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Culturing Conflict: "Western" culture shouldn't mean leftist

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the culture war. The left's attempt to destroy conservatism, Christianity, and western civilization continues. This takes place not through rational persuasion, but through the subconscious influence of culture.

William Lind exposes the cultural Marxism that drives the culture war.
Donald Devine reviews the state of Christianity in the world today.
Will Grigg explains how the culture war is leading to the death of the west and conquest by Islam.
Mac Johnson shows how the culture war has led to birth rates below replacement level.
Finally, Eagle Forum reviews the continuing battle in Congress.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Port of contention

This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the proposed sale of management of American ports to a UAE company. The Bush administration approved this deal despite obvious security concerns. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a record of both ties to terrorists and human rights violations that make it unfit to manage our ports.

This deal has been widely criticized by both conservatives and liberals. It is hardly surprising that the few "conservative" defenders of this deal quickly resorted to race-baiting. The 70% of Americans who oppose this deal all hate Arabs, just like all the critics of Harriet Miers were elitists who hate women. The free-trade extremists and post-Americans who support this deal have shown themselves unworthy of our trust.

R. Cort Kirkwood explains why this deal is so bad for America.
Terry Jeffrey examines the record of the UAE.
Robert Spencer examines Bush's skewed view of Islam.
Michelle Malkin destroys the "conservative" defenders of the deal.
Finally, Malkin examines the consistency of liberals on this issue.