Sunday, May 25, 2008

Civil Liberties

This update focuses on civil liberties. Authorities in Texas recently seized over 400 children from a religious sect in Texas without evidence. An appeals court ruled that the seizure was illegal. The anniversary of the Waco massacre recently passed. Government threatens civil liberties in many ways.

Joseph Farah: Abuse of Power in Texas
Lew Rockwell: But What About the Children?
JH Huebert: Beware the Amtrak Security Scam
Ericka Anderson: States Bi-partisanly Oppose Real ID -- Still
Anthony Gregory: Why Waco Still Matters
Chuck Baldwin: There Must Never Be Another Waco!
James Bovard: The Martial Law Act of 2006
William Anderson: Obey Your Masters in All Things
Wilton Alston: Who’s Listening In on You?
Joseph D'Agostino: Children of the State

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Culture War

This update focuses on the culture war. The California Supreme Court overruled the state's definition of marriage. Liberals continue to attack traditional American culture. Western Civilization faces demographic decline.

Ernest Istook: The Danger in Appeasing Gay Rights Activists
Phyllis Schlafly: Kansas Plans to Shake Up State Court Judges
Benjamin Wiker: Darwin, Nietzsche, and Hitler: Evolution of the Ubermensch
Pat Buchanan: Whites Down To 10% Of World Population By 2060— Does It Matter?
Gary Bauer: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender--Whatever
Phyllis Schlafly: Violent Video Games Held to be Free Speech
Don Feder: 'Demographic Winter' Exposes the Century's Overlooked Crisis
Gary Bauer: The Plague of Planned Parenthood

Jack Wheeler: Why Liberals Cannot Defend America
Jospeh Farah: What Are Red Letter Christians?
Thomas Sowell: Who Is "Fascist"?
Michelle Malkin: Quo Vadis, Conservatives?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008


This update focuses on money. The Federal Reserve recently bailed out an investment firm. Printing more money is inflation, and leads to rising prices.

Ron Paul: Bailing Out Banks
Lew Rockwell: The Inflation Monster and Its Owner
John McManus: Sound Money: Key to Prosperity
Thomas Sowell: Irony in Wall Street
Ron Paul: On Money, Inflation and Government
Don Devine: All New Dealers Now?

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. The war in Iraq continues. There is trouble in Palestine, North Korea, and Venezuela. Conservatives won elections in Italy and Britain.

Don Devine: New Iraqi Moment?
Chris Holton: The Truth About Saddam and Terrorism
William Jasper: A Bad Investment
Joseph Farah: No Good Guys in 'Palestine'
William Jasper: Global Blowback
Robert Spencer: A Muslim Battle Plan Against Free Speech
James Zumwalt: Enabling North Korean Misconduct
Bob Unruh: Hidden-camera series reveals nationwide cult
Matthew Vadum: Terrorist-Supporting Venezuelan Strongman Has Famous Allies
Gustavo Coronel: War in the Andes?

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