Sunday, October 26, 2008

News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. During election season, events continue to unfold in China, Pakistan, and elsewhere. The United Nations continues to be an enemy of American sovereignty.

Oliver North: The Secret War on the Dollar
Phyllis Schlafly: China Poisons Its Infant Formula
John McManus: Behind the Olympic News
Nima Sanandaji: Swedish Welfare
Robert Spencer: After Musharraf, the Deluge

Brian Darling: U.S. Shouldn’t Be Supporting ICC
Larry Kilgannon: Voting Practices at the United Nations
Jerome Corsi: North American Union: The dream 'is dead'

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Culture War

This update focuses on the culture war. The 2008 election campaign is well underway. Cultural battles continue in party conventions, courts, movies, academia, and more.

Phyllis Schlafly: Contrasting the Party Platforms
Phyllis Schlafly: Feminists against Palin - shame on you
James Fulford: “Guilty As Hell, Free As A Bird”—Ayers, Obama, And The Exclusionary Rule
William Jasper: From Homosexual Marriage to Bestiality
Thomas Sowell: The Vision of the Left
Phyllis Schlafly: Title IX Tied Our Hands at Olympics
William Jasper: Recreating Riots
Thomas Sowell: Amateurs Outdoing Professionals
Phyllis Schlaly: One Brave Judge Resists Feminist Agenda
Allan Ryskind: Hollywood Still Loves Very Red Dalton Trumbo
Don Devine: Old Right War Lessons

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Economy

This update focuses on the economy. The stock market plunged significantly in recent weeks. The government passed a bailout bill that may cost 700 billion to one trillion dollars. This failed to stabilize the market.

Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: The Financial Crisis and Danger of Government Intervention
Don Devine: End of Capitalism?
John Stossel: Try Free Enterprise
Walter Williams: Lessons From the Bailout
Ron Paul: The Do-Something Congress
Gary North: The Month When Reality Invaded
Michelle Malkin: Dear Congress: Put the Gun Down Now
Steve Sailer: America’s Minority Mortgage Meltdown/ Diversity Recession: The Smoking Gun?
Steve Sailer: Karl Rove—Architect Of The Minority Mortgage Meltdown
Thomas Sowell: Bailout Politics
Ron Paul: Lipstick on a Bailout

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Sunday, October 05, 2008


This update focuses on government. Government continues to cause much harm in many areas. Discussion of the DC gun case continues.

Walter Williams: Destroying Liberty
William Jasper: Turn Off the TV, Dust Off the Constitution
Gary North: The Cause of Gasoline Shortages
Brian Farmer: I.O.U.S.A. How Much?!
Becky Akers: The Tragedy of the Commons
Mac Johnson: Live Free and Die
Alex Newman: Examining Healthcare
Don Devine: Small Government Failure?
Ron Paul: Freedom is Golden
Larry Elder: Why Do We 'Keep and Bear Arms'? Part 1
Larry Elder: Why Do We "Keep and Bear Arms"? Part 2
Phyllis Schlafly: Lessons of The Gun Decision

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