Sunday, July 01, 2007

Energy and Environmentalism

This update focuses on energy and environmentalism. Government regulations increase energy prices. False solutions like ethanol are promoted while nuclear energy is discouraged. The environmental movement promotes the global warming scare as part of an anti-human ideology.

Michael Economides: Energy Bill in the Senate is Destructive
Tim Carney: Ethanol Hurts Consumers in Many Ways
Thomas Sowell: War of Words: Part II
Terry Easton: The Wacky World of Oil: Why Gasoline Will Hit $4.00 a Gallon this Summer.
Ed Hiserodt: Another Look at Nuclear Energy
Ed Hiserodt: Myths About Nuclear Energy

Vin Suprynowicz: The Only Cure for Global Warming
Mac Johnson: Ban Ki Moon: Super Genius
Ivan Osorio: Liberal ‘Scientists’ Lead Jihad Against Global-Warming Skeptics
John Stossel: How About Economic Progress Day?
Mac Johnson: You Da Man
John Berlau: The Don Imuses of the Greens