Sunday, July 29, 2007

Constitutional Rights

This update focuses on Constitutional Rights. Many government policies threaten freedom and civil liberties. Limiting government power is necessary to protect freedom.

Ron Paul: Signing Statements Erode Constitutional Balance
David Calderwood: OSHA Visits Wonderland
Dennis Bereandt: Pushing National IDs
Jacob Hornberger: Tyranny and the Military Commissions Act
Kevin Gutzman: Ex-Constitution
Vin Suprynowicz: ‘No-Knock’ Searches Get People Killed

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


This update focuses on money. Government control of money can lead to inflation, recessions, and other problems.

Terry Easton: Government-Controlled Markets Destroy Them
Gary North: Why Most Voters Accept Inflation
David Saied: Panama Has No Central Bank
Gary North: Trading Bank Runs for a Systemic Bank Failure
Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve Monopoly over Money
Ron Paul: Don't Blame the Market for Housing Bubble

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


This update focuses on immigration. The Bush-Kennedy amnesty has been defeated, but America wtill faces serious immigration problems. Government refusal to enforce immigration laws and subsidization of illegal immigration exacerbate these problems.

Phyllis Schlafly: The voters roared and the Senate listened
Marcus Epstein: Now That The Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill Is Dead, What's Next?
Pat Buchanan: In Defeat, a Bush Opportunity
Gary Bauer: Lessons From the Immigration Debacle

Martha Zoller: Whose Side Is Michael Chertoff On?
Walter Williams: Illegal Immigration
Marcus Epstein: Silent Amnesty
Steve Sailer: How Carlos Slim, World’s Richest Monopolist, Provokes And Profits From The Mexodus
Michelle Malkin: The Forgotten "A" Word: Assimilation

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

North American Union

This update focuses on the North American Union. Plans continue to diminish American sovereignty. Texas has seen resistance to the Trans-Texas Corridor. A new book, The Late Great USA, by Jerome Corsi, discusses the North American Union.

WorldNetDaily: Texas governor clears way for NAFTA superhighway
WorldNetDaily: NAFTA superhighway extends north
WorldNetDaily: North American union plan headed to Congress in fall
WorldNetDaily: Business visionary predicted North American union in '93
Jerome Corsi: Rudy Giuliani tied to 'superhighways'
Jerome Corsi: Anti-'superhighway' bill prompts backlash

More information:
North American Union: Eagle Forum Stop the NAU Stop SPP
Trans-Texas Corridor: Corridor Watch

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Energy and Environmentalism

This update focuses on energy and environmentalism. Government regulations increase energy prices. False solutions like ethanol are promoted while nuclear energy is discouraged. The environmental movement promotes the global warming scare as part of an anti-human ideology.

Michael Economides: Energy Bill in the Senate is Destructive
Tim Carney: Ethanol Hurts Consumers in Many Ways
Thomas Sowell: War of Words: Part II
Terry Easton: The Wacky World of Oil: Why Gasoline Will Hit $4.00 a Gallon this Summer.
Ed Hiserodt: Another Look at Nuclear Energy
Ed Hiserodt: Myths About Nuclear Energy

Vin Suprynowicz: The Only Cure for Global Warming
Mac Johnson: Ban Ki Moon: Super Genius
Ivan Osorio: Liberal ‘Scientists’ Lead Jihad Against Global-Warming Skeptics
John Stossel: How About Economic Progress Day?
Mac Johnson: You Da Man
John Berlau: The Don Imuses of the Greens