Sunday, August 09, 2009


This update focuses on liberalism. Liberals continue to sympathize with and excuse communists. Feminism continues to harm both men and women. The Obama administration has promoted radicals such as John Holdren, Harold Koh, and ACORN.

William Jasper: Communist Ties Become Issue in NYC Politics
Phyllis Schlafly: Family Court Injustices to Men
Phyllis Schlafly: The Feminists Demand and Receive
Will Grigg: Too Many (Other) People
Phyllis Schlafly: Why Women Are Unhappy
Thomas Eddlem: How the New York Times Helped Tyrants
William Jasper: Leftists in Tizzy Over Exposure of KGB Ties
Phyllis Schlafly: Harold Koh Is Too Dangerous for America
Phyllis Schlafly: ACORN Should Not Receive Taxpayers' Money
Ion Pacepa: Believers in Hate

Much information on liberal individuals and organizations can be found at David Horowitz's Discover the Network site.