Sunday, November 01, 2009

Health Care

This update focuses on health care. The Obama administration continues to attempt to foist a takeover of health care on America.

Ann Coulter: Liberal Lies About Health Care: Part 6 Part 7 I'll Pass on 'Opting Out'
Robert Blumen: 'Health Insurance'
Phyllis Schlafly: What's In and What's Out of Health Care Legislation
Thomas Eddlem: Obama Attacks Health care Studies
Alex Newman: Swine Flu: The Risks and Efficacy of Vaccines
Alex Newman: Swine Flu Seizures
James Edwards: Health Reform Loopholes for Illegals
Phyllis Schlafly: Good Health Depends on Defeating Government Health
Michael Cannon and Ramensh Ponnuru: You Mislead!

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