Sunday, March 25, 2007


This update focuses on government. Government takes our freedom. Spending and debt are out of control, and cannot be sustained. The government devalues our money by printing more of it.

Ron Paul explains that the national debt is fifty trillion dollars.
Walter Williams explains what's wrong with democracy.
Jeremy Lott writes that government takes our freedom.
Mike Franc writes that spending is out of control.
Carrie Lukas shows that Social Security spends too much.
Ron Paul explains the problem with political power.
J. H. Huebert explains what's wrong with NASA.
Ron Paul explains what's wrong with the dollar.
Donald Devine explains the need for limited government.
Chris Martenson shows that the government is bankrupt.
Jerome Corsi documents the decline of the dollar.
Ron Paul writes that Congress makes foreign policy.
Richard Allen explains Reagan's foreign policy.