Sunday, April 01, 2007


This update focuses on conservatism. The 2008 Presidential race is well underway. Conservatives debate what candidate to support. Conservatives need to promote conservative culture and policies, not just focus on elections.

Dan Flynn says conservatives should ask who should win.
Ken Connor says that conservatives should produce candidates.
Tom VanDyke lists what conservatives got right over fifty years.
Phyllis Schlafly lists what questions to ask 2008 candidates.
Paul Weyrich says conservatives must unite around a candidate.
Donald Devine examines the state of the conservative movement.

"You see, winning in November with a big-government, pro-choice, open-borders Republican isn't really winning. It's losing. Sure, the Democrats will have lost. But the raison d'etre of the conservative movement isn't to defeat Democrats and elect Republicans. It's to make conservative ideas governing ideas."
-Dan Flynn