Sunday, May 20, 2007


This update focuses on government. Government spends more and more money on wasteful and counterproductive programs. Its actions threaten free speech, freedom of religion, and civil liberties.

John Stossel argues that cutting taxes requires cutting spending.
John Stossel says the majority of Americans depend on government.
Ron Paul shows that "hate crimes" laws threaten freedom.
Dennis Behreandt explores government threats to civil liberties.
JH Huebert argues that NASA wastes taxpayer money.
Ron Paul explores the limits of government security.
Mark Fitzgibbons exposes Democrats' efforts to suppress speech.
Ron Paul explains how the government promotes racism.
Ron Paul reports that federal spending will be $3 trillion in 2008.
Helen Krieble documents the growth of government.
Kurt Hyde explains how government facilitates identity theft.
Ann Coulter documents politically motivated prosecutions.
Walter Williams explains the importance of private property.