Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Bush-Kennedy Amnesty

The Bush-Kennedy amnesty is a threat to America. The bill would provide amnesty and the possibility of citizenship to 12-20 million illegal aliens. It would cost American jobs. It would cost taxpayers $2.5 trillion dollars. It would promote gun control and threaten American sovereignty. Most conservatives and Republican presidential candidates oppose the bill.

The text of the bill (from Truth Laid Bear)

The contents of the bill.
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Ed Royce: Congressman Royce (R.-Calif.) Responds to Immigration Bill
Robert Rector: AMNESTY $$$$$

Commentary on the bill.
Thomas Sowell: The Amnesty Fraud Part I Part II Part III
Steve Sailer: Senate Amnesty Sellout–An Attempted Coup Against America
Jed Babbin: Make the Immigration Bill another "Miers Moment" for President Bush
Brian Bilbray: What Part of Illegal Don’t Senators Understand?
Mac Johnson: The Great Lie At The Heart Of The Senate Amnesty Bill
James Edwards: Blind-Faith Amnesty

Reaction to the bill.
Michael McCormack: An Incensed American
WND: Only 26% favor immigration bill
Human Events: Illegal Immigration is Key Concern to Voters
Katherine Lopez: Right Revolt

General commentary.
Wayne Simmons: Border Security: Let's Get Serious
Terry Jeffrey: Demand-Side Immigration Reform
Ann Coulter: Importing a Slave Class
Duncan Hunter: If We Build it They Won't Come
Robert Sanchez: Inviting Our Own Problems
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