Sunday, June 03, 2007


This update focuses on liberalism. Liberal organizations promote radical agendas, often hiding them behind seemingly reasonable goals. Liberalism promotes policies and attitudes that damage America. The media and labor unions advance liberal goals.

Thomas Sowell examines the anger of liberals.
Catherine Moy exposes the lies of Media Matters.
AD Lelong examines Michael Bloomberg's war on guns.
Ryan Ellis exposes labor unions' corporate campaigns.
Deroy Murdock exposes labor union thuggery.
Cheryl Chumley exposes the agenda of the Progressive Causus.
Ivan Osorio exposes the misdeeds of ACORN.
John Stossel explains how the media scares people.
Thomas Sowell explains how the media distorts marriage.

Much information on liberal individuals and organizations can be found at David Horowitz's Discover the Network site.