Sunday, December 30, 2007


This update focuses on environmentalism. Congress recently passed an energy bill that will increase gas prices, regulations, and car crashes. Liberals continue to perpetuate the global warming myth. Al Gore won an Oscar for his fraudulent documentary. More critics of the global warming myth are speaking out.

John Lott: The High Cost of Higher MPG restrictions
Michael Economides: Biofuels Balderdash
Terry Easton: Moving Deck Chairs on the Titanic
Bob Unruh: Hundreds of scientists reject global warming
James Inhofe: Climate Bill Will Devastate American Families and Jobs
Chris Horner: A Cry for Help, Wanted
Deroy Murdock: Al Gore, Global Warming and Convenient Untruths
John Stossel: The Free Market Does It Better
Mac Johnson: Excess Environmentalists -- The Greatest Threat to Planet Earth
Dennis Behreandt: The Economics of Climate Change
Chris Horner: Algore’s Nobel Prize for Globaloney

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