Sunday, June 15, 2008


This update focuses on education. Liberalism and government continue to damage education. Homeschooling is an issue of contention in California and elsewhere.

Dana Gabriel: Is the United Nations Coming for Our Children?
Education Reporter: Universal Pre-K Doesn't Pay
Steve Sailer: Alchemists Can’t Turn Lead Into Gold, Educrats Can’t Eliminate IQ. (But Lead Is Useful Anyway)
Allen Quist: Transformational Education and the Global Warming Fantasy
Education Reporter: Algebra is the Key to Math Success
Education Reporter: Online Schools Gain Popularity, Face Down Legal Challenges
Kami Dalton: A Power Struggle in Homeschool Case
Lew Rockwell: What If Public Schools Were Abolished?
Phyllis Schlafly: What's Happened to College History and English?

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