Sunday, June 22, 2008


This update focuses on immigration. The AgJobs amnesty bill was defeated for now in the Senate. The government continues to resist immigration enforcement, but it works when it is tried.

Bay Buchanan: E-Verify is a Working Solution to Illegal Immigration
Phyllis Schlafly: Judicial Supremacy Strikes in Oklahoma
Peter Brimelow: “Immigration Is The Viagra Of The State”—A Libertarian Case Against Immigration
Tom Tancredo: No Fence, No Border? No bull!
Phyllis Schlafly: A New Argument About Immigration
James Edwards: Senate Amnesty Fight: Round Four
Ericka Andersen: Sneaky Amnesty Tricks In Iraq Supplemental Bill
Joe Guzzardi: It’s Official! Legal Immigration Is A Bigger Problem Than Illegal Immigration!
Phyllis Schlafly: How the Government Spends Taxpayers' Money
Ross Kamisky: The Case of Cory Voorhis
See-dubya: L.A. Times explains how well illegal immigration enforcement worked in Arizona, and how awful that is for America

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