Sunday, May 03, 2009


This update focuses on environmentalism. Belief in the global warming scam continues to decline. Congress may soon consider a 'cap and trade' plan to raise taxes and damage the economy. Environmentalists continue to hamper energy production.

Floy Lilley: Out With Windmills – In With Nuclear
Warren Mass: The High Cost of Cap and Trade
Ernest Istook: Green Jobs or Gangrene?
Terry Easton: Cap and Trade: A New Disaster Waiting to Happen in 2009
Ed Hiserodt: A Cooling Trend Toward Global Warming
Chris Horner: Is Our President a 'Carbon Communist'?
Michelle Malkin: The Shut Up and Swallow Congress
Warren Mass: Cap and Trade: A Huge, Regressive Tax
Phyllis Schlafly: Global Warming Is Running Out of Hot Air
William Hoar: Trying to Turn CO2 Into Au
Ed Hiserodt: Wind vs. Nuclear Power: Which Is Safer?

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