Sunday, May 10, 2009


This update focuses on liberalism. We continue to learn more about Barack Obama's origins and goals. Some congressional liberals recently traveled to Cuba and fawned over Fidel Castro.

Bettina Esser: Howard Zinn's Revisionist History Text
Humberto Fontova: Why Did Congressional Black Caucus Overlook Racism in Cuba?
Rowan Scarborough: The Great Left Smear Machine
Michelle Malkin: CBC: Congressional Bootlickers for Castro
Phyllis Schlafly: Obama's 'New World Order'
Ann Coulter: Gondon Gekko is a Democrat
Ann Coulter: Are 'Hope' and 'Change' Still Tax-Deductible?
WorldNetDaily: Why leftists love tyrants and terrorists
Steve Sailer: The “Obama Bear Market” And Why He Triggered It
Phyllis Schlafly: How a Community Organizer Became President
Brian Farmer: The Employee Free Choice Act Is a Deception

Much information on liberal individuals and organizations can be found at David Horowitz's Discover the Network site.