Sunday, May 24, 2009


This update focuses on sovereignty. Global elitists are trying to create a world currency. They are also trying to integrate the US and European Union (EU).

William Jasper: Dumping the Dollar for Global Currency
William Jasper: U.S., Russia "Reset" the Convergence Agenda
James Perloff: EU-U.S. Integration: Unattractive Union
William Jasper: Global Fusion: The G20, IMF, and World Government
William Jasper: Somali Pirates : An Excuse to Ratify LOST?
William Jasper: “Conspiracy Theorists” Not So Crazy After All
Thomas Kilgannon: Will Obama (Inter)Nationalize the Banks?
Jerome Corsi: Canada joins Transatlantic Union effort
Joseph Farah: Out of chaos, a new world order

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